Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Patience, coffee lovers!

WE'VE HAD A steady stream of people coming into the store and asking about Electric Fountain Brewing. Just so we are straight, here's a couple of things about the new coffee shop about to open in our Second String Music Building at 503 Maine.

EFB has moved most of its stuff into the space, and they've been hard at work painting and cleaning. They've turned one of the areas into a way cool sitting room, and we can't wait to see what else they are planning. It's really hard for me to just sit here when I hear all the clattering and moving going on, but from the few glimpses we've seen, it's going to be incredible.

It will likely be early next week before they are open. They have to go through the health department inspection and get a few other things figured out - there's a process and this move happened rather quickly, so it takes a little time.

The entrance will be through the blue doors at 503 Maine. There's a huge picture window covered up right now, but you can still see the Mercantile Bank sign above the old safe. We had our Boyd Music display up there for a long time. When the weather is nice, like now, I'm sure they can put tables out on the huge sidewalk. But that may still require city council approval.

Ryan Christian, the owner, loves the space. I believe they are looking at another downtown location for a more permanent and bigger establishment, so this may just be for a month or two, but you never know. It's an amazing spot and the traffic is good.

So, coffee lovers, be patient. Your beverages will be as delicious as ever and though the space is smaller, the vibe will be great and service second to none. Downtown is the place to be and we are thrilled to help with EFB's new home!

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