Friday, February 9, 2018

Getting a Lyft home

WE ARE A ONE-VEHICLE family. I went out of town yesterday and took our Jeep, so Sheryl decided to try the new Lyft service and downloaded the app. She had a very good experience getting home from the store. There is a facebook page for LYFT Quincy, LIKE it and get local updates.

One of the Quincy drivers is Eric Bichsel, who we know and like. The cost depends on the number of passengers, distance and time - Sheryl paid about $6 for her ride, and gave Eric a good tip. Pricey? Not when comparing it to me renting a car for the day. Or the peace of mind knowing you are getting home in one piece. You can tip your driver right in the app or with cash, it is so easy to say thank you for a safe ride.

Eric says the new business venture is going pretty well. He hasn't had a really bad or strange experience yet, though one rider fell asleep a few minutes after getting in the car and had to be carried into their house. Thankfully the other passengers had that responsibility.

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He has people using Lyft for doctor appointments, going shopping, and getting out late night. Eric picked up a guy who has macular degeneration and is so excited to have Lyft because now he can have more independence. It really is a good option to help people travel more in a safe manner.

Drivers are rated, but so are passengers, just to be fair. Always be a good rider! Plan on giving at least 15 minutes notice. First time users of the app can choose from two discount codes. Pick the one that works best for your situation and try a Lyft.

This is a needed service in Quincy, especially for people who are going out for the night. The buses don't run late and the taxi service doesn't run 24 hours. Need a Lyft? Click Lyft and choose the 6 passenger driver to get Eric or the 4 passenger driver (There are 11 total Lyft drivers in town). We highly recommend LYFT!

Top Ten Reasons To Use Lyft:

  1. Pick up right at your door within minutes.
  2. Drop off at the door of your destination... no parking, no walking, no risk!
  3. Get right in a toasty warm car.
  5. Fun and friendly drivers.
  6. Great for nights out, doctors appointments, to school or work.
  7. Available 24/7/365!
  8. Leave your car at home, in your garage, when you take the train or go to the airport.
  9. No risk of DUI or accident! Let us take you to dinner... and have that extra glass of wine.
  10. No cash transaction - everything handled thru the app.
  11. BONUS - fully insured and tracked. Drivers undergo a thorough background check.

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