Monday, October 7, 2019

Basement space for rent

WE HAVE SPACE in our historic Second String Music building for rent. This time it's in the basement, inside one of the massive bank safes.

A local genealogical society was in the safe when we moved here in 2012, and the members decided to move the records to our public library. They finished the move last month. The space is very cool, with electricity and access to a second-floor bathroom.

The rent is cheap and includes utilities (haha, only electric though as there is no need for heat or air conditioning down there). It's perfect for storage and keeping things safe - the huge safe door is a Mosler and has some interesting artwork on it. The ceiling is pretty cool too.

Right in front of our counter in the music store there is a plywood cover on a flight of stairs into the basement, from when tellers and bankers headed straight down to the safe with deposits. There is also a safe on the main floor where Electric Fountain Brewing is today.

The safe is certainly a bomb or tornado shelter too. If we ever have a storm, you'd be in the safest place in Quincy. Downtown also has underground electric so the power never has gone out.

Call Sheryl at (217) 221-8008 for more info.
Looking back at the door.

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