Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Malcolm is here

MALCOLM YOUNG HART, our newest addition to the Hart family chaos, is here. We went to the farm in Columbus and picked him up this morning. One of the gals in Electric Fountain Brewing promptly nabbed him, "volunteered" to watch him and Malcolm is fast asleep on her lap as we speak.

Malcolm is a Cowboy Corgi just like his uncle, Angus. Sheryl introduced him to the other dogs and cats and said it went well while I opened the store. He was sad saying goodbye to his mom, Jess, and his siblings, but he's already adapting and he realizes being a big cuddle bug is a good thing.

It shouldn't take long for the little bleep to adjust. By that I mean Angus, of course. Malcolm is a pretty chill dog for a puppy and he's just taking it all in as he adjusts to his new home.

I counseled Malcolm this morning on our drive back to town. "Your momma says you like to dig. We catch and kill moles on our walks, so you will love it," I said. "Tucker gets a little snippy and Genie is a big baby. And the cats are trouble, but you will probably love CoCo."

Of course Malcolm wasn't supposed to come live with us until next week, but Jess' owners say most of the puppies are ready to go to their new homes - they've all been spoken for. It started Monday with Sheryl saying "I wonder if Malcolm is ready to come home this weekend" to yesterday's "I bet if I called Michelle she'd let us come out tomorrow morning - you don't have lessons until the afternoon." That was that. And now Malcolm is home.

As if you need any other excuse to visit us at Fifth and Maine ....

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