Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Quincy Brewing Company rocks!

SHERYL AND I finally made it over to the new Quincy Brewing Company last night. It. Is. Awesome! Congrats to the Craigs and Jim Robesky for opening a way cool space and making it inviting.

What I like about this place is that they've decided to become a brewery, and they aren't overreaching. It's a beautiful historic space they've spent months redoing, and it's perfect for things like trivia nights and maybe even open mic nights, down the line.

Our bartender, Fawn Berry, was knowledgeable about the many beers on tap and super friendly. We met at our music store a few months ago and learned about her organic gardening skills. It was good to catch up and be reminded of her Fawn Berry Apothecary on etsy. Extra ways to support small businesses while we support a new business? Yes.

QBC has partnered with other businesses. They don't serve food or wine and they don't have too, what with the Tap Room being right next door. You can order what you want and it gets delivered, all 100 feet north up the sidewalk. They are pairing with other businesses too like Thyme Square, Butcher Block and the Cheese People. You can order food from anywhere and have it delivered.

Quincy Brewing Company
on 6th near Maine
This is a fantastic idea. Now QBC isn't saddled with a kitchen and the logistical or legal challenges of making food. They serve beer with 16 taps. They do it well.

They brew several of their own beers and the Bayview Blonde is excellent. It's a good idea to do the sample thing, where you write down four beers and they bring you smaller sizes. Yummy! All I'm gonna say is that it's a good thing Sheryl drove me home because I may have had extra of that beautiful Bayview Blonde... She was content with the lamb burger from the Tap Room and found much joy in watching me drink a bit too much.

Predictably the place was packed to the rafters the first week or so it was open, but last night it was not crowded. There was just enough people to keep them busy. It's elbow to elbow on the weekends, so go on a quieter night to get the real feel and ambiance of the place.

They are doing trivia night every Thursday, and they are the last stop on the Halloween Art Crawl downtown, October 25th, featuring ceramic works by local artist Steve Ryan.

Welcome, Quincy Brewing Company! We are thrilled you've picked The District and we wish you many years of success. Cheers!

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