Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October already?

COUPLE OF THINGS to ponder as we move into October. Wait. It's October? Already?

- Tucker seems to be doing much better. When he was sick about a month ago he actually stopped breathing several times. Somehow he's rallied and back to pretty much his old self, though his heartbeat is still ragged. We'll keep you around, Tucker!

- Hockey starts tomorrow night and I'm ticked off about Fox Sports Midwest not being on Sling. It's all greed and stupidity. Can't really follow the St. Louis Blues when most of their games aren't on the tube.

- At least they aren't playing Gloria again after games. Not that we'd be able to see it unless we are there anyway.

- School band instrument rental season madness has almost ended. It's been a hectic couple of weeks here at Second String Music. A big thank you to all the parents and caregivers for their patience and for their business the past month.

- Cori and I had a blast with HartLyss last Saturday at Tipsy Bricks in Hannibal. Great people, great energy and even though it rained and we had to move inside, it was one of our best gigs ever. Thank you Lisa and the staff and all of our Hannibal crazies!

- The 1/5 and Maine project with Isaac Smith at 505 Studios is almost done. We have one final listening session Thursday night and we should have the master tape soon after. Then we'll decide on the format to release it. Stay tuned!

- And finally, here's to a big day Saturday. HartLyss is playing at State Street Bar in the afternoon, and the Cheeseburgers are thrilled to be playing at Red Light's one-year anniversary party at night. We'll sleep when we are dead! More about the Red Light show later in the week.

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