Thursday, October 24, 2019

Spooky Saturday in The District

SECOND STRING MUSIC is once again participating in The District's Teal Pumpkin Halloween. Saturday morning, downtown will be full of little ghosts and goblins going from business to business to get Halloween goodies that are not candy. Erasers, masks, spider rings, pencils and many other fun little toys will be given out.

Sheryl has a special interest in this event. Many holidays and school events revolve around junk and sugary food. People with certain allergies don't feel included and it can be particularly rough on kids that can't participate.

Free candy is what Halloween is about for most kids. But in this timeline children have type 1 and type II diabetes and should eat a less sugary diet - focusing on protein instead of high carb snacks or junk food. Children also have nuts, milk, egg, soy and gluten allergies and guess what candy is made from..... Finding a way to reward all kids with non-food fun can help all children to have fun and teach them to be inclusive for everyone.

We love this event. It gets literally hundreds of families into our store that might not otherwise come downtown, and many come back. We only wish our front doors were a little bit bigger - we get quite the logjam when people are coming and going!

Click here to learn more about the event. If you have kid, it's a no-brainer. You will might get to meet the puppy! So happy Halloween and be safe, and we'll see you in downtown Saturday morning!

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