Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Loyal to downtown

THE WOMAN WHO cuts my hair moved from her downtown Quincy spot to waaaaayyyy out near 36th and State. As in, "We have to go all the way out there to get a haircut?"

First of all, both Sheryl and I love Amy Hitchcock. She does a great job and really, it's about therapy. I'd get the ears lowered and Amy and I would both solve all the world's problems. Or at least whatever was troubling us downtown. And how else was Sheryl going to hear the local scuttlebutt? That's why she will continue to see Amy for her hair needs.

But it was also about convenience. I had to walk less than one short block. That meant I could leave at 1:59 for a 2 p.m. appointment. Or Amy could message me and say she had an opening earlier, so come on down! And it was about keeping my business in The District.

But the salon closed and Amy left and now she's way out on the east side of town. Of course if you really look at it, it's only three miles. And it will take less than 10 minutes to get there. But I'm the guy who says "All the way out to Lowe's and Sam's Club? Today?"

Then I found out another friend is opening up a new place downtown. And now I'm really torn. Do I stay loyal to Amy, or do I switch and go to the new business, a three-minute walk up the street?

Ahhhhhh .... first world problems. They'll get solved, my hair will get cut and I'll still look like a dork, but a dork with a nice haircut.

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