Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Buskers needed at Farmer's Market

 IF YOU ARE an acoustic musician and looking for places to play, the weekly Quincy Farmer's Market might be a good opportunity.

The market is every Saturday morning starting in May. It's put on by The District and takes place in Washington Park, on the north side of the square across from Washington Theater. The District is looking for acoustic performers to "busk," or play for tips. I believe they are looking for people who can play and accompany themselves .... no singing to tracks, etc.

If the weather is decent, and almost every Saturday morning is beautiful in the summer, you could make a few bucks. I'm all about performers being paid, and this one kind of falls between the cracks - but there are some big advantages to doing it.

It's getting harder and harder to find places to play in Quincy. This is a really laid back environment where people will give you a listen while browsing the various vendors. There is no pressure. The expression "it's good exposure" is awful and offensive to musicians - we don't need exposure as much as we need good places to play and being rewarded for the effort.

Track down Brianna Rivera at The District office for more info. Maybe we will see you in the park this summer!

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