Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Do something by doing nothing

 I DID SOMETHING yesterday and helped by doing nothing. It happens all the time. I'm good at doing nothing!

I made a delivery to one of Blessing's buildings and came out to find an elderly woman trying to get out of her wheelchair and into her car. Her husband was helping. But she was obviously struggling, trying to stand up and then sitting back down.

I asked if I could help. The man had a very kind and patient look on his face. He said, "Thanks! I think we have it." The woman tried to stand up again and didn't make it.

She said, "I just had a stroke. If you could do me a favor, just stand there and do nothing. I'm going to pretend you are a wall. It will help me stand up."

I always try to help. Yesterday I directed a man to an office at 48th, and another couple to an office at 927 Broadway, which is a labyrinth and not easy to navigate. Going to a medical facility for the first time is intimidating enough, despite the signs. I still get lost in the main hospital and get turned around at 927. The ability of a Hart to get lost is well documented

So I just stood there in the parking lot. The husband counted to three, and the woman slowly rose from her chair. They stood there for a second and the man said, "We have it from here. You were a big help. Thank you!"

When you work in healthcare and you see people struggling with physical issues, it's hard. I just deliver stuff and pick it up. We have so many great people who do the actual helping. 

Less is more, and more is most.


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