Monday, March 18, 2024

Coffee shop returns to 503 Maine

 GLAD TO HEAR the news about a business using 503 Maine again, almost six years to the day Electric Fountain Brewing opened at the location.

We owned the former historic Dodd Building at Fifth and Maine and had Second String Music on the main floor, and renovated the old bank vault space and leased it out to several businesses. When we heard Ryan Christian was closing his original EFB location on Sixth Street (later the home to the Tap Room, now vacant), we asked him to take a look at 503 Maine.

It was the first-floor bank vault for Mercantile Bank and had some of the original features, though much had been altered over the years. The plumbing and electrical systems got updated and EFB  did well in the space until Covid hit four years ago. 

I loved the strong coffee smells and noises that came from the space. We even had Frank Haxel put in a door so people could walk right from the coffee shop to the music store. 

Later we leased 503 out to the Adams County Democratic party. The basement vault was also leased out, and the second floor was occupied. In the winter it was always a joy to see lights coming out of the first two floors of the old building.

We sold the building to Andrew Mays and Brian Hendrian, and closed Second String Music nearly two years ago. The Democrats left 503 Maine, and Isaac Smith closed his recording studio in the corner space of the second floor about a year ago. The other part of the second floor is still being used.

I drive past the building every afternoon about 4:30 returning from my lab run to Blessing Health Hannibal. Usually it's a smile or a good memory that comes back, and the recent warm weather brought back a lot of memories of store parties and Friday afternoons on the sidewalk.

Good luck to the new business at 503 Maine. It's a great spot and has lots of positive vibes. I'll stop in for a coffee some Saturday morning and think about the great times we had at Fifth and Maine. Here's to many more!

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