Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Mayoral race shapes up

 YESTERDAY THE MAYOR of Quincy announced he was running for a second term in next year's elections. This was after he publicly stated last summer he'd make an announcement within a month. One wonders why he waited more than half a year to say he wants to be mayor again.

He faces a stiff challenge from former Quincy City Alderman Dan Brink, who formerly announced last October he was running as a Republican. The current major is also a Republican. Brink wasted no no time responding to the current mayor's announcement, and you can read it here

Brink has a lot of ammo. He can go after the current mayor for the bungling of the city insurance, the no-confidence vote from city council and the absolute botching of the police chief search and recommendation. That one worked out, despite our mayor's best intentions. 

The current mayor has ticked off much of the moderate Republican core in Quincy. But the current mayor has many staid and conservative Quincy Republicans on his side. More importantly, he has their cash. So it won't be easy to knock him off.

Former city treasurer Linda Moore is a possibility when it comes to the Democrats. She'd make a great candidate. But she's hamstrung by having the D designation. It's all about who will actually show up at the polls, and right now that's a tall task for the Ds.

I'll wait to see how it all plays out before making up my mind. It's a long road to next February's primary elections, and to the April 2025 election. I encourage all of us who are registered to pay close attention and make an informed decision.



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