Thursday, March 14, 2024

Rap Snacks is a thing

 THE OTHER DAY at the 48th Street lab, a Blessing employee who shall remain nameless (her initials are Kasie) was eating a bag of chips made by Rap Snacks. The bag had a rapper on it called Lil Baby. Apparently Lil is huge in the rap world.

I'm not up on my hip hop artists. To get educated I should call my former Herald-Whig compadre Don O'Brien, who was a bottomless pit of rap knowledge. I'm pretty sure Don eats Rap Snacks.

Anyway, Rap Snacks is a thing. They make all kinds of snacks and put all kinds of famous rappers on the bags. They are only $1.93 an ounce if you order them from Amazon. The chips Kasie had were salt and vinegar flavored, and she graciously offered me one. It wasn't bad! Actually, it was overloaded with seasoning, which is a huge selling point in greasy and bad-for-you snacks. "I think I need to drink a gallon of water now," Kasie said, after handing off the half-full bag.

The chips were purchased by another lab person, Jody. "I bought them at a gas station halfway between here and Kansas City," she said. Intrigued, I did some research, and it turns out you can get snacks endorsed by such legendary artists as Snoop Dogg, Notorious BIG, and my favorite, Moneybagg Mo's dill pickle jalapeno chips.

Jody warned you should check the ingredients before imbibing. "I was driving and eating the Snoop Dogg snack and suddenly I got very sleepy," she said. Ah. Snoop can do that to you.

Rap Snacks is a genius idea. Classic Rock Snacks, Country Snacks and Yacht Rock Snacks were never invented and never made a dent in the $40 million snack industry. I'm pretty much a loyal snack guy (I can demolish a can of Pringles in five minutes) but I'd try Rap Snacks if given the chance or driving to Kansas City and stopping for gas. 

Rap on, snack lovers.

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