Friday, March 15, 2024

Picture yourself on a bag of chips

 I'M DONE. FINISHED. There is nothing left in the field of frivolous entertainment. I've reached the height, the summit, the very top. Coco and I are retiring to a Lake Michigan beach that time forgot and contemplating just how quickly the ascent took place.

That's right. My picture is on a bag of Rap Snacks. 

It started yesterday with an inane blog about Rap Snacks, which uses rappers to promote chips, popcorn and noodles. Yes. Noodles. As usual, what I thought was just a throw-away went viral. My phone blew up and everybody at work wanted to know more about Rap Snacks.

Allison Huber put a comment on my Facebook post. Then she posted the picture. Who knew it was that easy? Apparently you can go to Rap Snacks page and click on a bag, upload your photo, and boom. You are a rap star and on a bag of snacks. What else is there in life?

We could have Cheeseburger chips, HartLess Salsa, Whatevers Whisps, Prospect Road Dip, Travis and Rodney Gut-Wrench Colon Cleanse Tacos. The possibilities! 

Wait. Somebody actually went to the time and effort to put my picture on a bag of chips? I'm okay with it, if somewhat bemused. The photo is from a legendary Second String Music store party some years ago, which explains the dazed look on my face and the fact I remember none of it. In other words, perfect for Rap Snacks.

This Rap Snacks thing keeps getting better and better. Here's a company that openly encourages you to pirate their copyrighted product by putting your picture on it. It's marketing genius, really. 

So it's all that and a bag of chips. I'm not sure I can cope with the fame. Coco will keep me grounded. 

This doesn't mean I actually have to eat Rap Snacks, does it?

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