Friday, March 22, 2024

Men - get checked!

 I JUST GOT back from the annual physical by my family doctor. I didn't want to go. I was a day late. But I got it done.

On the one hand, it's not that much time. My doctor, Luc Tchapnda of Blessing Health System, is excellent. I'll get some labs and they will check the oil and make sure everything is up to snuff, and I'm good for another year.

On the other hand, I hate going to the doctor. It isn't cheap, even with good insurance. And I messed up and thought the appointment was this morning, when in fact it was actually yesterday morning. The office manager was amazingly patient and so was the nurse. Thank goodness the appointment was first thing in the morning and they could get me in. Look - if you want me to be your patient, you'd better expect a certain level of ... of .... wait. It's a medical term. Oh yeah! DumbAssery! 

As I'm creeping up on the dreaded 60th birthday, it's also time to think about a colonoscopy. Again, Dr. Luc was great and he referred me to a Blessing doctor to get it done. They will call me next week. For these kind of procedures, just getting in can be the toughest part. Dr. Luc made it easy.

Men, listen carefully. We are the worst when it comes to the medical stuff. We don't want to do it. Yet a simple yearly physical and a colonoscopy starting at age 45 is not hard. It. Can. Save. Your. LIFE.

I am biased, of course. I work for Blessing. For years I went to the awesome Rick Noble at Quincy Medical Group and he always took care of me. Sometimes you have to make health care choices based on insurance, so I moved to Blessing last year and it's worked out.

I am lucky and grateful to be in good health, despite falling off stages, getting scratched by cats and being addicted to snacks. I walk more than five miles a day doing this job, and that might be why I feel really good.

Men - take care of yourselves. We have excellent health care providers in Quincy and the surrounding area. Don't put off an annual checkup - this goes for eye care and dental, too. And, in my case, getting the ears cleaned out.

Be happy and healthy - they go together!


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