Monday, March 11, 2024

Feeling 59

 AGE IS RELATIVE, right? People are surprised when they find out how old I really am. They think I'm much younger. Maybe it's the the fact I never grew up. Truth is, I'm chasing 60 and will get there before the end of 2024.

I visited the one and only Anne Mays last Friday on her 90th birthday. She is still spunky and sharp as ever. She said, "I feel like I'm only 70." That's the legendary Grannie Annie for you.

I see a lot of younger Blessing employees every day. There are a couple at 48th Street who are still in their teens. I joke about my socks being older than them. Of course, the reason it's humorous is because it's true. 

One of them said, "You are the same age as my dad. So I'm going to call you dad!" So she does. Every day. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I suppose it's a compliment of sorts.

Another one who just turned 19 says her grandmother knows me. "And my grandma is a little crazy," she said. "I think you could actually be my grandfather. Wouldn't that be cool?"

We are most assuredly not family. But if she wants to think that way, if she calls me grandpa every time she sees me, should I feel old about it?

All I know is that the three-hour gigs get a little harder to do, bedtime comes earlier and the ability to do nothing for long stretches of time gets easier and easier. I'm taking vitamins and trying to be careful about what I eat and I'm walking a lot doing the job, which helps me feel better. 

So bring it on, 60. I'm not afraid. Age is just a number. And my socks look great for being that old.

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