Tuesday, March 19, 2024

New Faces ... again

 THE ANNUAL QUINCY High School New Faces talent show is this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The students put on a variety of performances, mostly musical and theatrical. I've gone the last two years and the shows were very long but had some amazing acts.

I got a message from the mom of a former guitar student. She was maybe the best student I ever had and is now a junior or senior at QHS. She auditioned and earned a spot in New Faces singing and playing by herself. I've heard she's really, really good. I know she can play but to hear her singing will be a joy. Her mom got me a ticket for Friday's show and I can't wait.

In 2009, Emily was in several acts. Her "Beans Beans Beans" skit with her friend Ginny was tremendous, and Emily's role in the Hollywood Squares parody was epic. She portrayed legendary Quincy Public School's music teacher Kathi Dooley, complete with the wig and large key chain. I remember her infamous line "Jesus was in show choir!" and the entire auditorium coming unglued from laughter. They still talk about it today.

The music and performing arts programs at Quincy Public Schools are second to none. Emily is finishing up her doctoral degree at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, N.Y., and she got a great foundation in Quincy. It will be fun to see the latest batch of Blue Devils singing, playing, dancing and acting at the QHS Auditorium. 

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