Thursday, March 7, 2024

Open Mic tonight!

 SUPER EXCITED TO host the Open Mic Night at the Calftown Coffeehouse tonight. We will start around 7:15ish. I am subbing for the legendary Steve Rees, who has built the twice-monthly event into quite the happening scene.

Calftown Coffeehouse is at 832 S. 8th, right across from State Street Bank at 8th and State. Open Mic Night is all inclusive and features music, storytelling, poetry reading and anything to do with expressing yourself in the arts. My friend and musical partner Travis Hoffman will be helping me with the host duties and playing as usual.

I love it because most of the performers are getting way out of their comfort zones. Many are terrified of performing in front of people, so it's therapy and courage all in one. You do the best you can do and the crowd is very receptive, attentive and respectful.

Bill Burns and Margarita Oguilve are amazing hosts and have graciously give us their space and time for the event. It doesn't hurt to have awesome coffee, specialty drinks and food available. I just set up for tonight and Bill made me a spinach, feta cheese and mushroom quesadilla to die for. Yum!

I used to fill in for Steve when he did Open Mic Night at One Restaurant a few years ago. Many talented performers cut their teeth on that big stage and venue. We always had a blast. I have been to a few Open Mic Nights at Calftown Coffeehouse and you won't find a more interesting and engaging experience, if you come with an open mind and supportive vibe.

See you tonight!

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