Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cheese all the time

THE CHEESEBURGERS ARE getting ready for the Make America Cheese Again Tour 2017. We'll be sponsored by Kraft or the state of Wisconsin. Get ready, cuz we got plans.

Stacy Taylor and I have been discussing ideas and we are getting together tonight for the first practice of the year. I cannot wait to unleash The Cheese! We have a private party gig Saturday night and we are lining up more stuff, including the March 25 Fabulous Fur Ball. We are also playing in a Quincy park this summer, among other fun gigs.

With this band, it's all about energy and the shtick, you know, The Show. When you come to see us we want you to dance and party like it's 1999. Or 2017. Whichever comes first. I need to warn you that we'll be holding tent revivals and laying hands on our fans all year long. It's. Gonna. Be. Epic.

I think there's a choir robe laying around here somewhere ....

Cheers and Cheese and see you at The Show!

Time to hit the basement and practice some CHEESE!

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