Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ride Easy, John Wetton

IT'S WITH GREAT sadness I read about the passing of musician John Wetton, best known for fronting Asia and also a key member of bands like Uriah Heep, Roxy Music, UK and others.

I've written many times about Asia. It was the first band I saw in concert, in 1982, as a clueless and geeky teen. It was mind-blowing and inspired me to play guitar, not that I'll ever even be in the same stratosphere as Steve Howe.

I know every word to every Asia song from the first album. It was a huge part of my life as I got into music. So when a guy like John Wetton dies, it hits you. I never met him, but I feel like I knew him, through music.

We have that connection to artists in general, and it's a powerful thing.

Among other things, Wetton battled alcoholism and had open heart surgery. He recently posted on the Asia website that he would not be playing on the first leg of the Journey/Asia tour, which makes a stop in Moline in April. Sheryl would say that he'd have lived longer if he had eaten low carb, healthy fat, moderate protein but of course he probably didn't.

Peace to John and his family. I will never forget him or his music.

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