Thursday, January 12, 2017

Don't get rid of that guitar

ONE OF THE things we see time and time again at Second String Music is a customer bemoaning the fact they let a guitar go when they were younger.

"Man, I had a Les Paul when I was in my 20s, but I needed the cash so I sold it," a man told us recently. "I wish I hadn't done that. It would be worth a fortune today."

Here's some advice if you are a guitar player and you are thinking of getting rid of your instrument - DON'T. Not even if you are destitute and soon to be living on the street!

Never, I repeat, NEVER, sell your first guitar. I still have the first guitar I bought, a battered Lotus that is 34 years old. I learned to play on it. It has a lot of sentimental value. I would never sell it, ever. It was a broken mess a few years ago when Sheryl took it out to Don Rust and they put it back together.

I sold the first electric guitar I bought, a gorgeous 1989 Kramer, and I'm still kicking myself. A few years ago I let a couple of guitars go for a hot tub, and the hot tub broke after a few years. The guitars, I assume, are still playable and are in a good home. I don't need another guitar. I miss 'em, though.

I'm not sure this one could be fixed... or sold.
How many times have we heard this - "Well, the action was really high and I couldn't play it, so I pawned it for 20 bucks."

Guh. GUH. Never, ever pawn or sell a guitar you think is unplayable. Bring it here first and have Sheryl or Steve Rees look at it. Sheryl has worked minor miracles to get guitars back into playing shape - she just restrung and fixed an old 12-string, and now it plays and sounds great.

I'm not against pawns shops. In fact you can find great deals in pawn shops, and we have a good relationship with the two best pawn shops in the area. We actually work together on some guitar projects.

But if you are unsure about your instrument, don't give up and get rid of it. Come see us first. You might be surprised what a few bucks and some TLC will do for your guitar.

And you can save yourself a lot of seller's remorse.

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