Friday, January 13, 2017

Play guitar during ice storms

WE ARE SUPPOSED to get half an inch of ice the next few days. Already stuff is getting called off tonight, including a game I was supposed to cover for The Whig. And our Happy Hour jam session has also been postponed, though we will stay open until our usual 6 p.m., and the fridge will be open, too.

People around here overreact to the weather in general. It's nothing to mess with and we need to be safe, I get that. But the world is not ending, people.

The media is especially prone to buying into weather-fear. Last night a local anchor urged people to "get their bread and milk" before the storm hits. Really? As if Hy-Vee and County Market need the extra plug.

Stay inside, avoid this and play guitar.
So this is going to apply to us at Second String Music, too. We are going to be open tomorrow, if we can get the car out of the garage. And if I were you, I'd be coming to Fifth and Maine right now because you don't want to run low on picks, strings and all your music gear. Shoot man, you might as well buy a nice Takamine acoustic from us because you are going to be inside for three days straight and you might go crazy if you don't have something nice to play.

For that matter, we have a couple of awesome PA systems that need new homes and would really be nice to have for your cooped-up weekend. You might as well buy a drum set too and bang around on it since you can't go out. Bread and milk? Who needs it? Plus we have refreshments at the store.

Get a beautiful new Roland Cube amp while surrounded by ice cubes. Our incredible Gretsch guitars and bass would make passing the time passable and keep you from shoveling or throwing down salt. Throw down some licks instead on a new Ibanez electric.

Ice Ice Baby. Make sure you are prepared. Man cannot live by bread alone - music makes the world go round, especially when the world stops because of bad weather.

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