Monday, January 9, 2017

Tweets and Meryl

APPARENTLY OUR PRESIDENT-ELECT doesn't like Meryl Streep. Apparently there was an awards show last night. Apparently she said something he didn't like, so he went off on her on his Twitter account.

I have no idea what Twitter is, and have no plans to find out. Sheryl reads the latest ranting and raving from the about-to-become president and then tries to tell me about them while controlling her disgust.

Mom still loves ya, Meryl.
Meryl Streep? Really? You went after MERYL STREEP? Now you've done it, Buffoon. Now you've made my late mother roll over in her grave, and we had her ashes spread in various parts of the country, so that's saying something. Sheryl say the even Richard Nixon is rolling over in his grave. That is super bad.

My mother loved Meryl Streep. She watched every movie Meryl Streep made. She talked all the time about how she was a great actress and how her films rocked. Meryl Streep was my mother's hero.

You know what? You can go after President Obama, go after Democrats, go after people who won't pay for your wall, go after anybody who disagrees with you and your, uh, plans to make America great.

But now you've gone after my mother. Geesh. What a Twit...-ter.

Here are the screen shots that Sheryl took to document this insanity.