Monday, March 5, 2018

Breedlove finds a new home

I SOLD MY Breedlove acoustic guitar Saturday. Without getting into a lot of details, it found a new home. Everybody is happy.

The new owner, Isaac, is the son of legendary mandolin picker Paul Lester. Paul and I play in a duo called Dutch Mazeltov. Isaac's father is a prolific musician. Isaac's grandfather, who passed away recently, was also a musician of some renown.

Isaac is supposedly new to guitar. Coulda fooled me ... we've already done a few lessons and he's picked things up rapidly. He's decided to get serious and really learn the instrument, and a few more months he'll be spreading his wings and ready to fly.

I sold it for less than it was worth, a lot less. You know what? The guitar finding a good home was almost as important as the price. And it was still a lot of money, especially for a high school kid who has a part-time job.

I remember my first guitar, a Lotus. I bought it from Rainbow Music in Grand Rapids when I was 18 or 19. I was over the moon happy, and I still have the guitar to this day. I will never sell it. What did I pay for it, $200, maybe? It was a fortune to me at the time, but worth every penny.

Isaac came in Saturday and paid for the guitar. You could see the look in his eye and the excitement on his face. "I'm going home to play my  new guitar right now!" he announced, and whoosh, he was off and on a mission.

Whoosh. His journey begins. And we couldn't be prouder to help make it happen!

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