Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ugh - the birds are back

IT MUST BE spring, because the sidewalk in front of Second String Music's door is full of bird poop and lots of feathers. Also, more poop.

They made a nest on the fifth-floor balcony and they are determined to stay. But one of the eggs fell on the sidewalk, and there's all kinds of straw and debris, too.

I don't like you, bird.
Let it be known I'm an animal lover. We have three dogs and two cats, and all but one are rescues. Nature is awesome, but it's also cruel, and I wish it would be crueler to the birds at our building.

Let it also be known I had bacon and eggs for dinner last night. That makes three baby birds that were never born and one dead pig. I'm OK with it.

A few years ago we had a vicious storm blow out a bunch of windows, and the damn pigeons got in the upper floors. The floors were clean when we bought the building, but it took several weeks for us to get the birds out and seal up the windows, and they made a huge mess. One of these days we will have to go up there and clean up again - maybe after we get the roof fixed.

Sheryl swept the sidewalk this morning, you didn't want to even read her lips while she swept. Spring is for the birds, and we'll clean up after them as we go.

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