Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Fixing the Ghost In The Machine

A GOOD CUSTOMER just came in with a bass amp he purchased from Second String Music last month. He said it was making a rattling noise. We took it to the back room and hooked it up, and the rattle was slight but evident.

We played with it for a little while, and then the rattle stopped. "What did you do to make it go away?" he asked. The answer? Nothing.

I call it Ghost In The Machine (also a great Police album). Sheryl says, "It's just like working on a computer." I think it's more like Spirits In The Material World, but who knows?

To piggyback off of yesterday's Steve Rees blog, it's about the experience. The customer bought a product from us, and there was an issue. We addressed it and hopefully fixed it for good, but if there isn't something right, the warranty will cover any issues. The customer experienced firsthand how seriously we take this stuff, and he's happy.

So are we.

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