Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Get your Takamine now

SHERYL JUST PUT in an order for new Takamine acoustic guitars, they should arrive on Friday. We've been a Takamine dealer for six years and they have sold well. KMC was the wholesaler and made it easy for us to get them, but now they are distributed by ESP. That means the prices are not staying the same....

The prices have gone up by about $60 a guitar. We have a few still in stock, but the new ones coming in will be more expensive.

A few years ago I bought a Pro Series Takamine and it's the best acoustic guitar I have ever played and owned, and I've had the Taylors, Martins and Ovations of this world. I've played it so much that I chipped the bottom of the sound hole and Don Rust had to do some major repair work. So be it. It's mine for life and my go-to guitar for shows.

So fair warning to all, the prices are jumping on Takamines but we are keeping the current, in-stock items at last year's prices. This is what we have:

One GD 30ce ($399), one GD 30ce 12-string ($450, Natural), one GD 71ce ($500), one GJ 72ce ($550), one GJ 72ce 12-string ($599, Sunburst) and one GB 30 ce (that is the black Acoustic Bass, $500).

We just got a big shipment of Fender acoustic guitars, both the regular dreadnaughts and the three-quarter sizes. These come with a bag and will sell for around $150, great starter guitars for the money or something to take to the cabin or on vacation.

We've also got more American and Mexican Fender basses, strats and teles, one is a Floyd Rose Strat. It's an interesting group of guitars for all of us to enjoy.

So ... we are humming right along at Fifth and Maine, and you can help us unpack guitars this morning if you are looking for something to do!

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