Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Just put in the sink

AH, ADVENTURES WITH old buildings. It's never dull at Fifth and Maine and we've had quite the whirlwind of activity in our Second String Music building.

Electric Fountain Brewing is up and ready to go. The problem is finding a plumber who can put in a three-well sink. There's already a sink back there, and we just need an expert to put it in. Ryan Christian, EFB's owner, called a plumber last week, and they couldn't show up until Monday. Then they didn't show up. Then they casually arrived four hours late after three phone calls - "Oh, sorry, we forgot about it." They started poking around and announced it would cost a small boatload of money to install. They were expanding the scope of the job from the second they walked in. It is really just a sink.

We had an excellent plumber, Nick, but he moved out of town and we don't really know who to call or trust. Everybody is too busy. So here Ryan sits while EFB is ready to go. My heart breaks for him because he and his crew have worked incredibly hard to get the space ready.

Help! Second String Music will buy you coffee for six months if you can put it in. Plus your bill will get paid.

Need a sink installed! Soon to open.
On Sunday we got a heavy wet snow. Our roof above the fifth floor has a few issues and the water finally started coming through to the lower floors. We have a roofer coming to check it out and Sheryl and I spent the better part of Sunday afternoon patching up a couple of spots. This explains why we both couldn't walk yesterday - I made at least 20 trips up and down five flights of winding stairs, and neither one of us has the physical fortitude in our backs and knees to push around heavy snow and lean into repairs.

The good news is that Sheryl found a beautiful door on the third floor. It will go in on the east wall of our main floor, by the bank vault. It will connect EFB with Second String Music, so you can enter from our 100 North 5th door or the 503 Maine doors. We got one quote for $2,000. The other quote we never got. Sheryl was wandering around Sunday and found the door, complete with the hinges. There are a bunch of them up there, stored away for many years after the third floor was renovated into a dance studio in the 1960s.

So, as usual, Frank Haxel will be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We are paying him to put in the door, which is way cool and probably 120-plus years old. "I'll buy beer if that helps," Ryan said. It will.

Also, our friend Leo from Custom Glass came over yesterday and looked at the 503 Maine entrance. We will gladly put glass in the doors. "Done," he said. "I'll order the glass and we will put it in." There was no haggling, hemming or hawing. Leo is a great guy and has done excellent work for us before - it's all about the relationship and trust.

Now. If only we can find a plumber who drinks coffee ....

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