Thursday, March 29, 2018

The new Cheeseburger!

PLEASE WELCOME THE newest member of The Cheeseburgers, bassist Brad (T.B. Player) Fletcher.

Brad is an experienced player who hails from the East Coast and works at Kohl Foods in the IT department. He nailed his audition with us by drinking Kirk's lousy beer and actually knowing the songs. We had another practice last night and it's not taking him long to figure it out.

TB Player (second from left) in the legendary CB basement!
A big thanks to Henry Sweets, Don Van Dyke and Jeff VanKanegan for filling in the past year. Henry did a great job last summer and then moved to Arizona. Don and Jeff are former Cheeseburgers who really helped us out in a bind and kept it fun from the bass end.

Brad understands we are just a good-time party band, nothing more and nothing less. We are in it to play great songs and have a blast, and this particular version of the band has really good chemistry. We are coming off a great gig with DVD filling in last Saturday at the Fabulous Furball, and Brad makes his Cheeseburger debut Saturday, April 28 at the South Side Boat Club in Keokuk. Then we get ready for a Friday, May 11 show in Quincy at Revelry.

Brad is ready to bang the low end and be a Cheeseburger. So git ready to git Cheesey, and remember our 2018 Tour motto - Make America Grate Again!

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