Friday, August 7, 2015

Boyd on board for school music

SECOND STRING MUSIC is proud to announce we are partnering with Boyd Music to provide school band instruments.

Band Instruments through Boyd!
Boyd is out of Jacksonville, Ill., and already works with many of our county schools. They are smart and hard-working people who do their best to bring value and quality to band instruments. Craig and Mindy Boyd came to the store yesterday with our first shipment, and we even sold a beautiful Jupiter trumpet right out of the gate.

Boyd Music has nearly 60 years of experience in the field. They stress the importance of starting your child out on a good quality instrument to have the best possible chance for success. Outright purchases are also available – as well as a 90-day payoff at additional savings. Now our instruments, whether you rent or buy, can be serviced locally. And the Boyds are some of the nicest people we've met on this wild and crazy ride called the music business.

Sheryl spent most of the day Thursday getting the items into our computer system and figuring out the paper work. I, as usual, gave lessons, talked to people about guitars and got ready for a gig. I lead a charmed life, for sure.

School starts in a little more than a week. WHAT? Yup, that soon. If you child is expressing an interest, come on down to Fifth and Maine.

As always.... When you buy or rent any instrument at Second String Music, you receive 4 free private lessons at Vancil Performing Arts Music department at 8th & Ohio. Frank has great teachers for every instrument plus piano and voice teachers too!

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