Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Short stay at QND

QUINCY NOTRE DAME lost its boys basketball coach Sunday. Well, actually, Friday. It's a sad tale and I sincerely hope the coach didn't let the door hit his butt on the way out.

You can read the whole sorry story here. As usual, Matt Schuckman at The Whig was the first to find out about the coach taking a job in New Mexico. A newspaper there reported it Friday. As he left Quincy Notre Dame for the final time, I can only imagine the surprise the coach had at seeing Matt there, waiting for him. Naturally, he had no comment.

Coaching at Notre Dame has its share of advantages and challenges. You can't work for a better person than Bill Connell. But you better be prepared to live up to huge expectations, and work with a unique group of athletes, boosters and parents.

Now Notre Dame is left with a bunch of what ifs. The team had a good summer at camps, from all reports. There was no sign the coach was unhappy. Sure, this was his sixth job in seven years, and he's 67 years old, but he's a legend. He'd win. All was good at 10th and Jackson.

You are only as good as your word. He agreed to coach at Quincy Notre Dame. He told everybody that he was happy to be here, and wanted to be here. Can you say QND was sold a bill of goods? You can.

I'm sure he has his side of the story, not that we'll ever hear it.

One wonders what the folks in New Mexico think or were told. They'll find out, I'm sure, just who they hired.

I'm not a QND guy. My daughter went to the public schools, played basketball at Quincy High School, and got a great education. But I like the people at Notre Dame and I am glad when the Raiders do well and represent Quincy.

See ya, coach. As The Whig put it so eloquently, we hardly knew ye.

I hope your butt still hurts during that long drive to New Mexico.

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