Friday, August 28, 2015

Old photos and memories

Mom with Emily
EVERYBODY HAS OLD pictures stored in boxes in dusty closet corners. When it's been 20 years since you've seen them, well.... it's very cool.

Emily is home for the week and found a bunch of photos. I don't even remember seeing many of these. The one of my mother and Emily is especially poignant.

Yes, Emily. Your old man is a total geek. The big glasses and bad early 1990s haircuts are evidence, not that you really needed it.

I'm going back and smiling while staring at the images of Alpena, Big Star Lake in Baldwin, the early years in Quincy - wait a second, is that the old Indian Mounds pool?

I used to drag Emily around in that sled. We dug huge holes in the beach. Your aunt and uncle look so very young, holding you so very proudly. And you did love that old toy box - usually you were in it after emptying it out.

I guess you can't go back. But you can look back. Thanks for the photos, Emily. I'm still smiling!

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