Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ninja Turtles and Mountain Dew Sweatpants

EVERY NOW AND then you get a weird day where everybody seems strange and wacky behavior is the norm. And that's just the people who own the store.

Monday was Freaky Monday at Second String Music. It started when one of our Outside People was cursing loudly on her phone right outside the store. Sheryl asked her to please move along. She didn't take kindly to the suggestion. Sheryl asked again, with a bit more emphasis, walking toward her. Then she moved sloooowwwwly along.

There were a range of interesting phone calls. Musicians have a wide variety of needs and wants - but we didn't have any drums with plastic tips on both ends, or "swell-octave" pedals, or TASCAM five channel cord adapters. Hey. We try and understand everyone needs more swell.

Then there was the woman who needed "150 Original Exercises" but didn't realize that different keys had a specific book. She questioned Sheryl and then glanced down at the book. "Um, this one is defective," she said. Defective? It had a slight mark on the bottom corner. Sheryl happily found her a perfect one, and now our customer has an $8 music book free of defects. All good, and we aim to please.

A couple came into the store to buy a single string. Their matching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirts proclaimed them a committed pair. Sheryl complimented the couple and they left the store with smiles on their faces.

What took the cake was the guy on his bike who stared through the window, then came rushing into the store. He was wearing Mountain Dew sweatpants and his eyes weren't really focused, if you know what I mean. He had a stack of DVDs in his arms. "I don't have my ID on me so they won't take them, do you want to buy a DVD?" he said. I assume the pawn shop needs a person to have ID when they have stuff to sell.

I've already seen all the Star Wars movies, and Game of Thrones, so I was good. Mountain Dew Man couldn't understand why I wouldn't want them. He bowed his head and went back outside and pedaled back to, well, wherever he came from.

This morning has been more normal, if you can define normal. Every day is an adventure, in some ways.

Beats working for a living, if you ask me.

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