Thursday, August 27, 2015

Putting the band to work

Tuning, Play Testing and unpacking Luna Guitars

AS USUAL, ROCKIN' Jake and the boys put on a great show at the Club Tavern Wednesday night. I got to jam a little bit with them, taking care of a bucket list item and having more fun than you should be allowed to have.

The boys bunked up again in the back of Second String Music. This morning we got a huge Dean and Luna shipment - all kinds of gorgeous acoustic guitars and ukuleles. So I put the band to work before they hit the road to St. Louis and Cape Girardeau.

Cleveland, the bass player, unpacked guitars. Mark, the lead guitar player, tuned them up, plugged them in and gave each one a good strum. They were like kids in the candy store, all fired up about new instruments and making noise.

I let them play for a bit. Cleveland is on the Shaker.
We wrapped it up with a late-morning jam - did you know Phil Collins writes great blues songs? Well, not really. But you can play them blues style.

Best of luck to Jake and his guys as they wrap up a long month on the road. Fast Eddie was happy for the company, last night too - we can't wait for them to head back to the Q-Town!

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