Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Talking dogs

TUCKER AND ANGUS can talk. We have conversations with them all the time. Sheryl says, "He can't understand a word you are saying." I beg to differ.

In a little while Dr. Drew Kaiser from Katherine Road Animal Hospital arrives for his weekly guitar lesson. Angus and Tucker were at his place yesterday for their shots. I know what will happen when Drew strolls in the door.

"Uh oh," Tucker will say, a worried look on his Border Collie face. "Here comes the guy who jabbed us with needles."

I think the guy with the needles is coming for his lesson!
"Oh no," Angus will say. "The nurse had to lift your tail up so they could take your temperature, after they took mine. This guy is EVIL."

"At least he took out the staples from my cut," Tucker said. "Come to think of it, he did a pretty good job on my broken leg last year, too."

There will be some sniffing and yelping and general complaining. But they always seem to warm up to Drew after a few minutes. He strokes
their ears and always talks to them, and they calm right down.

I can imagine the conversations at the house. "Uh, when are you guys gonna finish the floors? I keep slipping and I'm gonna pull a hammy," Tucker says.

"The kitchen is a mess. You fixing the roof and putting up trim soon?" Angus says.

"Then there's the garage. What a disaster. When are they fixing the fence? It's our job to try and escape and you make it too easy," Tucker says.

The boys are happy, generally. Tucker says, "I need a little love" before he hops up on my lap. Angus says, "Play with me NOW dangit" every night before bed. They communicate and understand better than most people.

It's a dog life. We're just in it for the conversations.

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