Thursday, August 20, 2015

Canceled shows and bridge lightings

CORI LYSSY AND I were supposed to play Saturday night at a local bar. I got called this morning, and the venue is pulling the show because of "too many conflicts." The biggest thing Saturday is our bridge lighting event at Clat Adams Park, which should attract a lot of people if the weather holds.

Let's hope it's a nice night. I'm glad our friends Liz Bentley and Matt Roberts are getting a chance to play at a very cool event.

HartLyss .... AKA Beauty & The Beast. You decide.
We have two choices here - we can get ticked off, or we can deal with it. Obviously we are not happy about a venue canceling our gig two days before it's scheduled, but I talked with the manager and we've worked it out, and we will hopefully reschedule soon.

It's a little different with a full band having a show called off - a lot more people get hosed, and scheduling is much more difficult.

Like most acts around here, we rely on handshake agreements for shows. Occasionally that backfires. But really, what good does it do to get all high and mighty and jump up and down? Good places to play in Quincy are hard enough to find. Not long ago I had to call a bar and reschedule a show, though it was seven weeks before we were scheduled. You just do what has to be done and move forward.

Cori and I have been working hard to learn new songs and we were going to spring some surprises on an unsuspecting public Saturday night. But HartLyss plays again a week from Friday at State Street Bar in Quincy, and we suspect we'll get a good crowd, especially since we don't play until 9 and the last Blues In The District Show will be done right around then. We have a slew of shows coming up in the next month-plus.

So. It looks like I have a nice weekend off, though we are available for any last-second gigs. It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

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